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NatSci, CDC Sponsored Workshops

We are committed to providing faculty with professional development opportunities. The college co-sponsors a series on Teaching Essentials for MSU STEM Faculty and holds yearly workshops on developing a research proposal and on the reappointment, promotion, and tenure process. For more information, please contact the Associate Dean for Faculty Development.

Creating an Inclusive STEM Classroom: Strategies and Skills Development

STEM Teaching Essentials 

October 2017

Amber Benton, Kendra Pyle Kanaboshi, Danielle Flores Lopez, J. Han Yoo

Workshop Resource List

Ideas for Inclusive Language for Course Syllabi

Example of an Inclusion Statement for a STEM Syllabus from Cori Fata-Hartley

Learning Narratives from Students of Color in STEM Classrooms

STEM Teaching Essentials 

February 2017

Danielle Flores Lopez, Kendra Pyle Kanaboshi, Lazarius Miller, and a panel of undergraduate STEM students

Workshop video and resource list