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NatSci Statement on Increasing Transgender Visibility


April 2019


To the NatSci Community:

March 31st is the International Day of Transgender Visibility and we, the members of the College of Natural Science Council on Diversity and Community, would like our college to reflect on how visibility of minoritized groups is essential to changing our campus culture. While many of us are scientists, no science is needed to support transgender and non-binary identities, it is simply a matter of affirming their experiences. Affirming transgender and gender-diverse individuals means increasing visibility within the college and being committed to freeing our environment of transphobia. We invite every member of the NatSci community to improve their understanding and support of the transgender and non-binary communities through education and action:


It is essential that we work together to create an environment where all members of the NatSci community feel valued and respected. Increasing the visibility of individuals from minoritized groups and educating ourselves on their lived experiences are necessary components of creating an inclusive NatSci environment.


The NatSci Council on Diversity and Community